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What To Say & How To Say It
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Over 100,000 copies of this set have been sold and this is the foundation for you to understand what it truly takes to own the sales process that will enable you to crush your quota. 

From Disc 1 all the way through Disc 5, you should be listening to this in your car, on the bus, while you are at home doing the dishes, anywhere you please! The more you listen to it, the more comfortable you will be at handling any type of sale. 

Remember... the key is repetition, repetition, REPETITION!
What's Included:
  • How to get your potential customer to invite YOU in
  • Using LinkedIn as a helpful tool
  • Questions to ask to better understand your potential customer's issues and problems
  • How to overcome and penetrate your prospect's shield and guard
  • The most important elements of negotiation 
  • BONUS: My Top 10 stories that will give you a different perspective on each lesson and hopefully each story resonates with you to help engrain these tips in your head
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